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Empire Valuation Services is a leading provider of Real Estate Appraisal services in Queens, Brooklyn, and Nassau.
We have over 20 years of experience in the Real Estate Sector, primarily focusing on residential real estate appraisals and specializing in 1-4 family homes, co-ops, and condos.

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Your home is the most valuable asset you own. Do you know how much it's worth?

Looking to have your Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Removed?

SAVE $150 - $500 MONTHLY

As many as 2.7 million U.S. homeowners paying for private mortgage insurance (PMI) may be doing so needlessly and don’t even know it.

Sharp increases in home prices across the country in the past three years have pushed equity stakes held by many PMI payers well past the 20% threshold required by most lenders to cancel the obligation. Once the gap between what’s owed and what the home is worth today stretches past 20% you don’t need PMI anymore.

For example, a homeowner with a $100,000 loan can expect to pay from $150 to $500 per year in PMI. When the owner’s equity reaches 20%, usually by paying down the loan balance and price appreciation lifting the current value of the property, most lenders will drop the requirement for PMI.

It used to be that the insurance company would keep happily charging you the premium forever, since many homeowners didn't know they could cancel. This was obviously taking advantage of the uninformed homeowner, so now insurance companies are required by law to automatically cancel your PMI as soon as you own at least 22% of your home, based on the original purchase price, although in some cases they're not required to automatically cancel.

Monthly PMI Insurance Cost Examples
Original Loan Amount
5% Down
10% Down
15% Down

Contact us now to find out if you qualify for PMI removal.

Pre-Listing Appraisals

Accurately determine the true value of your home with an unbiased, expert valuation from an experienced appraiser before listing it for sale.

Bail Bond Appraisals

When using your property as collateral for posting bail, it is critical to know exactly how much your home is worth.

Estate Planning

Designate and ensure that your beneficiaries will receive assets in a way that minimizes estate tax, gift tax, income tax and other taxes.

Divorce Settlement Appraisals

Determine the value of the real estate that will be divided between two parties as part of a divorce property settlement.


An accurate valuation of your home can aid you in best protecting your property while filing for bankruptcy.

Date of Death Valuation

Determine the Fair Market Value of real estate as of the date of the owner's passing, and calculate the amount of estate tax that is owed to the IRS.

Retroactive Appraisal

Determine the Fair Market Value of real estate for which the effective date of appraisal is in the past.

Home Insurance Cost Estimate

Calculate the amount of coverage that your home requires based on your location, your home's building material, and the amount of property that you're insuring.

Tax Grievance 

We can help you determine if you're overpaying on your property taxes, or if your home has been undervalued.

Primary & Secondary Mortgages

A secondary mortgage is a loan to be paid after your purchase loan that uses your home as collateral, tapping into the equity you've built in your home.

Mortgage Refinancing

Obtain a new mortgage loan to lower your interest rates and reduce your monthly payments.


We appraise your REO properties with timely sales to maximize the value of your assets.

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